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Stickers – The Best Way To Express Yourself

It is said that actions are powerful and effective when there is something to be explained or represented in elaborate. In fact, anything and everything spoke, when supported with a sticker or a picture, reaches the audience better, fast and effectively because they get to relate, compare and contrast everything with the picture presented that makes the understanding easier and better. For every small purpose, there cannot be a massive pictorial representation and in such cases, we have the option of using small and effective stickers. There are many companies that are into this business of creating and printing stickers to help their customers stick it on their various accessories like mobile phones, laptops, desktops etc…  Generally, these stickers carry the name of the person, his character represented as a picture or a sign, a symbol detailing his nature of work and could be anything of this kind.

There are a lot of different terms used for these stickers that get printed on anything and everything. Now let`s get a clarity and know the differences between the different terms. The sticker is also sometimes known as a decal. A sticker is generally on an adhesive and is printed or illustrated. A decal is a design that is printed on a special type of material say special paper to be transferred on to a different material like glass or metal. Printing is possible not on all the objects and in case of glass, where this is difficult, decals are used. In any which way, it is finally these stickers that get printed on a particular object to represent or denote something about it.


Sometimes the word label is also used mistakenly in place of a sticker. A label is generally a piece of paper that carries information about a particular product. But in most cases, the terms labels and stickers are used and understood interchanging their meanings.  A sticker can be a label and an adhesive label can become a sticker. Some of the sticker printing companies, use the term stickers for the bumper stickers, the window stickers to define their presence and purpose bolder. 

Such stickers are known for their durability and are expected to last for long even when exposed to the different weather conditions outside. But this is not the case with the normal and usual stickers that are used or printed on laptops and mobile phones. These are generally made to be very simple and with simple and delicate materials and hence long exposure to sun or rain might spoil their look and would call for a change in the sticker. While this is the case with the regular stickers, the bumper stickers are made of hard materials like vinyl or polyester and the inks that are used for printing are also some real tough ones which would not give up easily.

We also have vinyl cut letterings or printings that are generally made on a sheet of paper to be used on another surface. Such stickers or labels are used on cars windshields. Such stickers come with a perforation and when they are stuck on something the extras and the borders can be easily peeled off from the surface and hence the picture or the symbol gets stuck to the surface. This is what is predominantly seen on cycles, cars, etc…


We also have some children fun stickers that are made to represent some cartoon characters. These are simple stickers made from simple paper and normal inks. Such stickers belong to the adhesive group which does not last for long; they are short-lived. Such stickers give up very easily.

Unlike these traditional stickers that are easily removable from the backing paper when they are stuck on a surface, the vinyl cut letterings or stickers are durable and are made form some real tough materials.

These stickers, irrespective of the type, are mostly custom-made to suit the different needs of different customers.

A few might want it to be a simple nameplate while a few others might want it to be a single expression of all their work. So whatever the need is, there is a sticker to do that and this is the primary job of the various sticker comp .


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